Puppy Sweden Contest

The contest will be held during Baltic Battle October 21-23 2022.

Exact date is still to be announced.


  • You have to be at the age of 18
  • Can’t have a current title as the contest takes place
  • If you win the competition you are not allowed to compete again
  • Being a swedish citizen is required

What is an ambassador?

You represent the community in sweden and outside of sweden as a title holder. Welcome new puppies to the community, respect the diversity in the community and get to know the community better and what everyone is trying to achieve.

When you win the competition you are expected to be an ambassador for the the Swedish Puppy Play community for 12 months .As an ambassador you have the unique opportunity to help all groups of puppies come together, encourage collaboration and being inclusive to all kinds of puppies. Be a positive role – model and motivate puppies to respect and listen to each other. Inspire different groups to use democracy when opinions differ.

For the competition

The competition will include events where all competitors are encourage to participate
During the election all competitors will have a performance for up to 3 minutes. Send in your choice of music in time before the election. The performance does not have to be anything advanced. Questions for the performance can be asked to the current title holder Puppy Sweden Zacharias

Puppy Play Sweden will be happy to support you and give advice if you need during your journey as the new Puppy Sweden. You will also become an honarary member of Puppy Play Sweden.